Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Have (and Recover from) a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

How to Have (and Recover from) a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Step 1:  Prepare the night before

- Completely forget that you have a time-sensitive DMV appointment in the morning
- Stay up incredibly late reading a book
- Make sure it is raining hard

Step 2:  Start the day right

- Sleep in as long as your children will let you
- Turn your alarm and your calendar reminder off in a daze without checking what they say
- Put off breakfast until 8:55
- Check phone and realize you need to be at the DMV in 25 minutes
- Fly out of the house in yesterday's clothes, a greasy bun on your head, and inappropriate shoes for the weather.  Drag your half-dressed children along

Step 3:  Go to the DMV

- Make several wrong turns
- Attempt to instruct your three-year-old how to put socks on wet feet
- Give up and give said three-year-old permission to put shoes on without socks
- Circle insane DMV parking-lot along with other vultures, avoiding row where someone is getting his car jumped
- Give up and park in the lot next-door
- Wade through puddles with two small children
- Arrive fifteen minutes late for appointment with shoes full of water
- Realize you forgot your husband's fix-it ticket

Step 4: Emotional Breakdown

- Sob all the way back to your car
- Wade through more puddles
- Hide in car during torrential downpour, crying and eating crackers
- Attempt to use phone to schedule new appointment
- Deal with problematic phone without swearing in front of your children

 Step 5: Upswing

- Make and eat the burrito you brought in your diaper bag
- Decide to salvage day (and self-respect) by getting Costco trip out of the way
- Replace Costco card cheerfully despite having to have picture taken with said greasy bun
- Find practical swim suit sets for both children at Costco
- Find needed car seat at incredible price
- Find ethical (and diary-free!) chocolate chips now come in BIGGER bag
- Promise potty-dancing son a bathroom soon

Step 6: Relapse

- Complete checkout only to discover you do not have the new pin for your new ATM card
- Convince incredibly nice cashier to hold items for you while you run home
- Carry heavy infant carrier and child out to parking-lot
- Just before reaching car, notice that three-year-old is still doing potty dance
- Lug children back into Costco and across the entire building to restroom
- Continue back to car
- Buckle children into car seats
- Decide to check purse just in case
- Discover letter from bank with new pin number

Step 7: Silver Linings

- Decide discovery is a good thing
- Go back to incredibly nice cashier
- Wait nervously while he tracks down missing items
- Check out with successfully found items
- Get text from friend offering french fries
- Eat french fries while friend's nephew plays with your children for an hour
- Say goodbye to friend
- Actually feel like cleaning
- Get entire kitchen cleaned while baby takes a miracle SECOND nap
- Receive phone call from husband and discuss the day's insanity

Step 8:  Punchline

- Receive second phone call from husband moments later
- Listen to husband's sudden thought that forgetting ticket was not the main problem because THE CAR THAT NEEDED INSPECTION WAS WITH HIM AT WORK ANYWAY
- Die laughing

Monday, August 19, 2013

What a Weekend!

Saturday morning, we got up and ready for what we knew would be a busy day.  We headed out to support my friend's yard sale, and look what we found:


This is something I had been wanting, but would have never in a million years bought for myself.  To find such a fabulous one used was almost miraculous!  Happy Birthday to me (Chris wanted me to choose my own present this year, and I hadn't decided yet).

We easily loaded it into the back of our Volvo (Have I mentioned how much we love having our V70 station wagon?) and got it home.

While we were out, I received the following text message from my mom:

"Dan will be home late tonight. I
have killed the fatted spaghetti.
Anyone who wishes can come eat
Sunday at 5 pm. "

While my little brother is no prodigal son, we were still very excited.  I had just spoken to him the day before, and he hadn't found a ride, so this was a nice surprise!  Also, my mom cracks me up.

Next on our busy day: watermelon!  I had volunteered to cut up two watermelons for a wedding.  We planned on doing it the night before, but of course I forgot.  As it turned out, we had exactly enough time to get it done!  It was fun to help out on what I know is such a stressful day.  We dropped the chopped fruit at the church, and headed out for our next stop.

Rancho Cucamonga!  How fondly we remember thee (except when it comes to weather, cause it was sunny and HOT).  Chris dropped me off at Panera for a lunch date with two of my best friends.  We were long overdue for a catch up.  Sadly, no picture.  Why didn't we take a picture!  Too busy chatting, I guess.  I hitched a ride to my mom's house from there, not realizing that Chris had taken the kids to a nearby park.

While I was waiting, my brother Andrew and his very pregnant wife Karen got there.  They informed me that Daniel would not be arriving "late," but rather by 8 o'clock!  Chris and I decided to stay and say hi, and the next thing we knew we were going to A&K's stake church building for a Luau.

Mmm...Tongan food.  It's been too long!  We saw some awesome dancers, but headed out early to go see Dan.  I'd have loved to see more, but we both agreed that it was okay since we got to see The Haka.

Then, something happened to change the course of the rest of our weekend.

Peter fell asleep in the car.

Suddenly, our whole evening opened up.  Instead of hanging out at my moms' house for an hour or so, we could stay late chatting and not have to worry about our kids (Amelia will still sleep most anywhere).

We had so much fun!  Dan made us cookies, I rubbed Karen's ankles to try and get her contractions going, we discovered Vine.  Anyway, the next thing I know Chris is laying down on the couch, the signal that we aren't going anywhere for a couple hours at least.  Since that was around midnight, we decided to spend the night.

Chris was out within seconds, but the rest of us stayed up another hour and a half, and then, of course, had one of the worst nights sleep of all time.  I can handle less sleep or interrupted sleep, but apparently not both together.  I felt awful the next morning, which, by the way, began at 6:30. Amelia and Mikal both had a hard time, so Andrew was in a similar boat.  Chris is such a heavy sleeper, it is pointless to wake him us to help me.  (I don't really mind, since he usually gets up early on Saturday mornings with the kids)

Chris wanted to head back to Downey for our church responsibilities, but I was really struggling.  We decided to split.  I got a sub to lead the music, and stayed at my mom's to try and rest (I only ended up getting a 15 minute nap later that morning), and he went home for some of our stuff, church, and then made it back to my parents' in time so we could all go to church together.  Thanks to really great speakers, we made it through sacrament meeting, but were dying to get some sleep. We dropped Peter off at nursery, and went back to my mom's house.

When we arrived, we found Andrew and Karen there, getting ready to go to the hospital!  We helped them get out the door, then headed to the store to pick up some snacks for them.  Then it was back to the church to get Peter, then we picked up Dan and brought him back home.  My mom and I took Amelia and the snacks and left the men to eat and wait for an update.  We got there about 4:30, by six the others had arrived, and just after that so did the baby!

Welcome to the world Guinevere (Gwynevere? Guenevere?) Rose!

It was so nice to have such a wonderfully, and unexpectedly, eventful weekend.  We got home and I crashed on the couch by 9:30 while Chris got the kids to bed.  I can't remember the last time I was that exhausted, and I wasn't even the one who had the baby!

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Summer Fun (and Griffith Park!)

Life never turns out how you plan (and if you're like me, you tend to only make loose plans as it is!), so here's how last week actually turned out:

Monday:  Microwave-growing "paint"  (These were fun, but came out both runny and lumpy.  They also don't grow haha, the correct title should be Puffy Paint, not grow.)

Tuesday: Nothing! We had a lazy day.

Wednesday:  Knott's with Grandma (Peter only)

Thursday:  Had friends over!

Friday:  Griffith Park with Grandma (Mommy and Amelia got to go too).  Pony and Train rides.  Snow-Cones.  Merry-go-round.  Travel Town.  Oh yeah.

Ideas for this week:

1.  Straw Planes (about to do them now!)
2.  Swimming
3.  Park
4.  Snake Bubbles
5.  Sewing Project

 Who knows which of these will actually happen!

Pictures from Griffith Park:

 (These Travel Town pics make me miss you, Kim!!)

What fun have you had this summer (despite record heat!)?

Not All My Experiments Succeed

Here's one recipe I will not be sharing. I just had to post this lest you think I am some sort of golden child whose ideas always meet her expectations. Ha!
You probably can't tell, but this was supposed to be a Strawberry Shortcake breakfast smoothie. I was gonna call it a Strawberry Shortshake. 


(Yes, Peter had to eat it with a spoon.)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Silly Girls Photoshoot 6-13

My photography club Silly Girls - Cali 562 was able to get together for a quick shoot this month!  We liked the theme Be Silly had listed for June (Play Time) and all dressed up as different dolls.  I went for a Porcelain Doll look and wanted to look just like those adorable/kitschy dolls everyone's grandma bought them (at least, my Grannie and Grandma did).

I found some great tutorials/inspiration:




And here's how I turned out!

So much fun!  Here's the rest:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day Refashion

My husband is a Clippers man.  I don't know why he chose Clippers over Lakers, but it is way hard to find NBA gear for a team that has such a long tradition of losing!  Fortunately, the last couple seasons have been much MUCH better, and recent deals mean things are looking even brighter for the Clips.

Still, in the minds and hearts of most basketball fans around here, the Lakers are LA's team.  Their popularity is showcased by the fact that their stuff is EVERYWHERE!  You almost NEVER see Clippers stuff and when you do it is full price (something I don't believe in!).

Anyway, one of our two local Target's finally started carrying Clippers stuff last season it went on clearance near the end of the season (just in time for Father's Day!).

I wanted to surprise Chris with Clippers outfits for the whole family, but they were out of baby things.

No problem!  I've been reading The Refashionista and knew just what to do!

Lose the sleeves

Take in (and reshape)

Et Voila!

I used some of the hem to make a headband, and part of one of the sleeves to make her hair flower (with a basketball bead I had on hand).

Not perfect, but I am SO pleased with how it turned out.  I'm not cutting the extra material off so it can grow with her.  If it gets too short I can always turn it into a tutu!

Chris went to the gym to play basketball on Saturday morning (we celebrated Father's Day all weekend), and returned to find us all decked out in his honor:

We're not really big on holidays/surprises/gifts in this family, but every once in a while it's fun to go all out!

My (Really Late) Review of The Hobbit

I found this on Sunday.  Obviously, I wrote it a while back.  Don't know why I didn't publish it then, but, in case you still care, here ya go:  

The Hobbit.  Decent film, weaker writing than LotR, but enjoyable.  I love Middle-Earth, so it is exciting to see all that back story from the appendices come to light, but I feel like the actual story of The Hobbit was sacrificed in the process.  Most of it was there, but all the extra bits really killed the pacing for me.  During the film I had two prime thoughts.

First:  "I'm really enjoying An Unexpected Journey, but I sure hope someone makes a great adaptation of The Hobbit someday."

Second:  "Wait, why don't they just wait til all three are out and then on the tenth anniversary or something they can come out with a "good parts version" on DVD that is only three hours instead of nine!  Original Hobbit material only."

Then Chris and I decided that we would just do that ourselves (only I know we won't, cause editing is pretty tedious and we are lazy).


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